„By letting go of the baggage of the past you can get ready to start your life free from pain and self-sabotage.“

Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy was developed by Robert E. Detzler. SRT can get to the very root of the problem. Using special charts and a pendulum, I find the patterns of negative energy, whether in past, present or future lives and, through Higher Self,   remove or „clear“ this energy from your Akashic Records, release pain and restore harmony. The effect of this work is amazingly profound. The negative energy you held on an event is cleared and this can produce amazing changes in your life.

Through SRT we can research and clear old vows, past life programming, repeat patterning etc and remove and clear the blocks. When soul records contain only positive energies you can move forward in all areas – still having to face life’s challenges because your soul continues to learn and grow – but being able to deal with them much more easily.

Following a clearing and as consciousness begins to change, people can experience different things. Some feel euphoric, some very tired, some have a physical clearing and some feel nothing at all! However, all of these are normal reactions to a very powerful and wonderful process.Whatever you experience will be right for you. There is no „norm“.

Please be assured that on a spiritual level all manner of things will have happened and that very soon you will begin to notice the effects of the clearing work, including increased focus and clarity, finding your voice, more energy, better health, better relationships, etc.

Business Direction Businesses may also have energetic blocks to success, growth, abundance and prosperity. With SRT, we can identify if a business needs to be cleared in order to continue its success. Businesses can become stagnant by blocking energies within the company, building or its employees and managers.

Conflict Resolution SRT is a wonderful tool to help determine different dynamics within conflicts. Whether the conflicts are among family, friends, co-workers or among groups. Clearing energies and past lives can help solutions arise more quickly when there are conflicts present. Using SRT is also valuable when conflict seems to linger and not make much progress over a long period of time.

Identifying and Releasing Subconscious Blocks  SRT helps us find blocking energies, such as anger, hate, failure, abandonment, betrayal and depression, that can severely block us from healing and moving forward in our lives. Once clearing these blocks from the subconscious, it may be necessary to release these energies on a conscious level through different releasing techniques.

Spiritual Response Therapy can help with:

Present Life Crises:
Major negative issues and people or places involved.

Physical Challenges:
Any past, present, persistent or recurring physical Challenges.
In adition to consulting your health care professionals use SRT to manage energies that can support or block/limit your self healing .

Finances, Career and Creativity:
Challenges, current and repeated cycles blocking your prosperity.

Persistent or long standing difficult relations with parents, siblings, mate/s children, boss or others.

Confidence and self-image status, recurring emotional difficulties or addictions.

SRT clearing for any property space

Have you felt that certain section of your home makes you feel uncomfortable somehow or don’t like to be in certain places for too long? Do you feel uncomfortable at your work place, whereas in other offices you do feel good ?

SRT can be used to help in such matter. Click here


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Individual SRT Spiritual Response Therapy Sessions

For an individual session we can meet in person, or via telephone or Skype.

  • 1 full Soul Clearing Session is €130.- (20% Tax incl.)
  • Duration 60-90 minutes

Book an Appointment

To book a session online please use the PayPal button below and I’ll contact you shortly to schedule an appointment.

If you’d prefer me to send you an invoice, please email me at office@soul-clearing.at

I take payment in advance of services.

Before signing up for a session please read the disclaimers below.

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Payment with PAYPAL

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Please be aware that Michael Rupprich is not a state-licensed physician, surgeon, or mental health professional.
Michael Rupprich will not diagnose or prescribe medicines or medical treatments for you, and he will not recommend that you discontinue legal drugs or controlled substances prescribed by an appropriately licensed practitioner.
Michael Rupprich asks that clients take full responsibility for their health and well-being, with the understanding that he is merely a facilitator of change and growth.
Michael Rupprich administers SRT or any other modality to people of their own free will, and only with their informed consent.
The practices and techniques Michael Rupprich employs are not licensed by the State of Austria and the EU and are not intended as a replacement for licensed medical advice, care, or prescribed therapies.
Michael Rupprich does not promise any help or cure in his sessions, and the testimonials he has shared do not represent a guarantee that the processes you receive will be effective.
Michael Rupprich is not aligned with any specific church, religion, or ideology.

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me:

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